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What is the Application Method of NPK Compound Fertilizer?

Jan. 23, 2021

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Compound fertilizer has a long effect and is suitable for base fertilizer. A large number of experiments have shown that whether it is binary or ternary composite, base application is better. This is because compound fertilizers contain various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The early crops are especially sensitive to phosphorus and potassium, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are required to be used as base fertilizers for early application. Controlled-release compound fertilizer adopts coating, granulation and other processes in the production process, and the fertilizer effect is slow and stable, and the decomposition is slower than that of elemental fertilizer, the nutrient leaching loss is less, the utilization rate is high, and it is suitable for base fertilizer. The general dosage per mu is 30-40 kg. Compound fertilizer should not be used in seedling stage fertilizer and middle and late stage fertilizer to prevent greed and youthful growth.

NPK Compound Fertilizer

NPK Compound Fertilizer

Compound fertilizers decompose slowly. For crops that use compound fertilizers as base fertilizers during planting, quick-acting nitrogen fertilizers should be supplemented in time when topdressing according to the fertilizer requirements of different crops to meet crop nutritional needs.

Compound fertilizers have different ratios of raw materials, so attention should be paid to the range of nutrient components. Different brands and different concentrations of compound fertilizer use different raw materials, and the production should be selected according to the soil type and crop type. For compound fertilizers containing nitrate, do not use compound fertilizers containing ammonium ions in leafy vegetables and paddy fields, and should not be used on saline soil; compound fertilizers containing potassium chloride or chloride ions should not be used on chlorine-free crops or saline soil; Potassium sulfate compound fertilizer should not be applied in paddy fields and acidic soils. Otherwise, it will reduce fertilizer efficiency and even poison crops.

Compound fertilizers contain two or more large elements, ammonia surface application is easy to volatilize loss or rainwater loss, phosphorus and potassium are easy to be fixed by soil, especially phosphorus has little mobility in soil, and it is not easy to be absorbed and utilized by crop roots when applied to the ground. It is also not conducive to deep rooting, the fertilizer cannot be dissolved in drought conditions, and the fertilizer effect is worse. Therefore, the application of compound fertilizer should be avoided as far as possible, and the soil should be applied deeply.

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