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Can Ternary Compound Fertilizer Be Applied to Orchids in Autumn?

Jun. 23, 2021

As an Organic Fertilizer Suppliers, let me first tell you what a ternary compound fertilizer is. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three most important nutrients for plant growth. The ternary compound fertilizer is produced by mixing the three elements of phosphorus, phosphorus and potassium. Compound fertilizer. It has the advantages of high nutrient content, few side components, and stable physical properties. It plays a very important role in balanced fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization, and promoting high and stable crop yields. It is a chemical fertilizer that can be used by most plants.

Sulfur Fertilizer

Sulfur Fertilizer

Autumn is the season of rapid growth of orchids. For orchids that lack fertilizers, we need to add fertilizers to orchids, and the fertilizers we supplement are often fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, usually urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. The fertilizer of ternary compound fertilizer is relatively balanced, and it can be used for orchids in autumn.

The ternary compound fertilizer can be applied in a solid hole and then covered with soil. When applying in the hole, keep it away from the roots of the orchid and place it on the edge of the pot. Don’t put more than ten or twenty grains at a time, or spray the leaves of the orchid after being diluted with water or To irrigate the roots, first test the concentration when using it. Don't thicken it easily, so as to avoid fertilizer damage.

When spraying orchids with buds, as long as the concentration is not high, the ternary compound fertilizer can be sprayed on the buds. However, when spraying, be careful not to let the fat water enter the buds of the buds, otherwise the buds will rot.

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